Time to meet the Emission Control Regulations

The Maritime Industry is in the final run up to the implementation of the new and stricter regulation of sulphur emissions. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Annex VI sulphur regulation called for a 0.1% sulphur limit in Emission Control Areas (ECA) from 2015 and a world wide 0.5% limit will be introduced in 2020.

Current ECA's include the Baltic Sea, North Sea, English Channel, US and Canadian coasts and inland waters, as well as parts of the Caribbean Sea.  A worldwide limit of 0.5% will be implemented by 2020.

Time is running out for ship owners to decide on how they will meet these emission regulations. 


There are only three options to meet the regulations:

  • Use the more expensive distillate fuel with 0.1/0.5% sulfur content
  • Convert to new fuel types (e.g. LNG)
  • Continue operation on the heavy fuel oil (HFO) which most existing vessels are designed for, and install an EGCS to remove 98% of the sulfur from the exhaust gas

Scrubber technology has proven effective and commercially viable. Clean Marine’s unique all-stream exhaust gas cleaning system offers significant savings to the shipping industry and is fully compliant with global (IMO), regional and local regulations regarding emissions to both air and sea.