Product & Technology  - Clean Marine Ship with Scrubber from Clean Marine

Futureproof hybrid EGCS in one single unit

The patented Clean Marine EGCS is specifically designed to meet the needs of the maritime industry and offers proven Allstream exhaust gas handling. All exhaust sources on board can be served by one common EGCS unit, enabling a fast return on investment.

Our EGCS is a seamless hybrid system which enables both open and closed loop modes of operation.  The Clean Marine solution is proven to connect all of the ship's exhaust streams, including the boilers, to one single EGC unit without encountering an increase in back pressure to the combustion units. This is achieved by a unique gas re-circulation mechanism as well as two powerful fans.

The system is specifically developed for seamless and easy operation in all ports and waters; sea, fresh or brackish, with an automatic alkali dosing system which is boosting cleaning efficiency and neutralizing the acid created in the sulfur trapping process. 

Compliant with tomorrow’s regulations

The Clean Marine EGCS is an optimal solution for the marine environment and represents a futureproof system for the ship owner, adhering to regulatory variety in all waters. Our system has the ability to combine natural and added alkalinity in open loop operation. This means it will provide high cleaning efficiency while maintaining a pH>6 at the outlet, making the effluent compliant with all IMO and regional/local regulations.

Recognizing that the IMO sulfur requirement reflects a demand to minimize human exposure to harmful Particulate Matter (PM), a unique PM trapping feature surpassing the present sulfur requirement has been incorporated into our product.