Closed loop waterflow illustration

Seamless hybrid system

Our system works equally well in open (liquid one time through) and closed (liquid recirculation) modes while seawater and alkali is used to regulate the sulfur trapping efficiency in both modes. The EGCS can operate in all types of water (including low alkaline and saline water) in either mode and without loss of efficiency.
When choosing the Clean Marine hybrid solution the system operates seamlessly in open/closed loop in all waters and ports without loss of efficiency and well within the IMO regulations for emissions to air and sea.

If the vessel trades in areas/ports where discharge of washwater is prohibited, the closed loop function will ensure zero discharge to sea as the water is stored in a holding tank. From the holding tank the water is cleaned and may be discharged to sea as soon as the vessel leaves the prohibited area.

Given local regulatory variations and uncertainty, the hybrid solution is a safe choice for owners who want full trading flexibility.