Water quality measurement

Futureproof and flexible open loop system

Clean Marine offers a more flexible Open Loop system than the competitors as it enables vessels to transit from high to low alkalinity and salinity water without loss of SOx cleaning efficiency. The close to neutral pH of the effluent water makes the Clean Marine EGCS a futureproof solution given local regulatory variations and uncertainty.

In Open Loop the system will ensure the vessel meets the 0,1% sulfur limit also in brackish water, rivers and estuaries. The alkali is automatically dosed and used to regulate the sulfur trapping efficiency when surrounding seawater does not have the sufficient buffering capacity. 

Further, the use of alkali as a neutralizing agent enables the Clean Marine EGCS to meet the current pH limit for washwater discharges with good margin. The quality of discharged washwater exceeds IMO regulations and meets the much stricter US EPA requirement of a pH of no less than 6 at the ship’s overboard discharge.

The close to neutral pH in effluent water also means it is less corrosive to the hull and piping, thus providing a longer life time of the system and less maintenance cost.

Clean Marine also offers the only open loop EGCS which complies with the most stringent Environmental Class notation offered by DNV GL: “Clean Design”. In order to qualify for the “Clean Design” notation the pH must be no less than 6 at the overboard discharge, with the exception that during maneuvering and transit, the maximum difference between inlet and outlet of 2.0 pH units is allowed.

Major charterers are already requiring “Clean Design” notation for long charters of newbuildings, and given the increasing focus on environmental shipping we expect this notation to become a competitive advantage for ship owners.