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Clean Marine Unveils New Air Lubrication System for Enhanced Maritime Efficiency

Paul Brown

5 Feb 2024

Clean Marine is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Air Lubrication System (ALS)

Clean Marine ALS combines proprietary design and engineering with well-established air lubrication principles to deliver tangible efficiencies in maritime operations.

Long-term, the ALS represents a major step towards sustainable shipping, aligning with the industry's increasing focus on environmental responsibility. As regulatory pressures mount to reduce the environmental impact of shipping, Clean Marine's ALS offers a practical, effective solution for forward-thinking companies.


Utilizing advanced air lubrication technology, the ALS creates a thin layer of air beneath the hull in a proprietary configuration. This layer dramatically reduces the frictional drag by replacing water, a denser medium, with air. The result is a substantial reduction in fuel consumption, leading to decreased operational costs and a significant lowering of greenhouse gas emissions.


Our system stands out with its automated control features, which adapt seamlessly to varying vessel drafts, optimizing performance under different conditions. This adaptability ensures consistent fuel savings and drag reduction, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of maritime vessels.


Key features and benefits of the ALS include:


Reduced Fuel Consumption: The ALS has shown a remarkable reduction of over 6% in fuel usage, contributing to lower operational costs.

Decreased Emissions: By reducing fuel consumption, the ALS significantly cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change and reducing a vessels CII rating.

Seamless Integration: Automated controls and on-shore monitoring capabilities ensure optimal system performance and easy integration into existing vessel operations.


The first system has now been installed and successfully launched in partnership with the Navig8 Group [a ship owner], on their new eco-friendly newbuild MR the “Navig8 Excel” and has shown reductions of 6-10% in fuel consumption in sea trials across varying main engine loads. We will have more and more data to support the technology as we will install the system on a total of 4 MR’s launching in the coming months. Please contact us for details of the full report.  


Gary Brocklesby, Chairman of Navig8 said:


“These MR vessels are fully equipped with emission-reducing technologies and intelligence tools that enable the comprehensive collection and analysis of numerous data points related to our operations. This integrated approach empowers us to achieve significant enhancements in efficiencies and lessen the environmental impact of our operations.”


Clean Marine are in close contact with several owners across other shipping segments for ALS installations in new builds and retrofits.

Clean Marine is excited to lead the charge towards a greener, more efficient future in maritime transport.



For more information on ALS, please visit

For more information on the Navig8 Excel, please see



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